Announcing Advanced Allocations 8 for Dynamics GP

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We are happy to announce the next release of our Advanced Allocations solution for Dynamics GP.

New Features and Functionality

  • Front-End Allocations.  You can now allocate amounts real-time during PM Transaction Entry, POP Receiving, and POP Invoice/Matching.
  • Allocation Classes.  Allocations can now optionally be assigned classes.  This is a time save for organizations that process allocations in groups.
  • New Transaction-Allocation Filters.  Qualify transactions for allocation based on vendor ID, document header reference, or line item reference.
  • Mass Allocation Selection. Easily select many allocations for processing using powerful filters for allocation attributes like Allocation ID, Description, Class, Tier and more.
  • Integrated GP Security.  New security tasks and roles are available for allocation setup, cards, and processing, providing enhanced security.
  • Online Registration.  Obtain your registration keys with the click of a button.
  • And more!

For a product demonstration or more information please call 866.794.1275 Ext 101 or email


Cost-effect Alternative to Integration Manager and SmartConnect?

Data integration is one of the most common needs with any ERP system, and Dynamics GP is no exception. Until a few years ago as a GP user you really only have a few options for data integration tools: Integration Manager and SmartConnect. Integration Manager is a relic by all accounts, is slow and is expensive. SmartConnect is faster and costs less than Integration manager, but it’s still not affordable, and it’s not easy to use. Also, in the last few years SmartConnect has kind of lost its focus. With its loss of focus comes the cost of its being less easy to use.

A new alternative—ActiveConnect—was born about five years ago, and at this point it has become a robust and stable product with scores of users. It’s easy to use and has a unique pricing structure. You only pay for the integrations you use. If you only need to integrate GL transactions, why should you be forced to pay for sales order integrations, AP integrations, payroll integrations, etc.? That doesn’t make sense, does it?

Besides being more affordable and easy to use, ActiveConnect can handle the most complex Dynamics GP integrations, is stunningly fast and has a ton of great features like:

  • Agent—allows you to schedule integrations
  • Excel Integration—push data into GP with Excel without having GP open or even installed on your workstation.
  • SmartList Preprocessor—allows you to speed up SmartList, have unlimited search criteria, and use SQL stored procedures (just know is key to allowing for the creation of any SmartList you can imagine) for SmartLists
  • Launcher—a desktop application that allows you to run integrations but not modify them
  • Logging—of both successes and failures, with e-mail notification
  • Linking—allows you to run any number of integrations that are chained together, with a single button click
  • Preprocesses—this allows you to do whole lot of things including the ability to validate data before any integration to GP is attempted
  • Multitenant—designed to work on premise or in a cloud environment
  • GP User-Interface Integration—run integrations right from the GP module areas
  • Service Oriented Architecture—allows integrations to be run remotely, for example, from field offices that have no GP installations at their sites.

If you’re looking to create a new integration or are looking to replace Integration Manager, you would be well service to give ActiveConnect a close look.

ActiveConnect. It does one thing, and it does it extraordinarily well: gets data into Dynamics GP.

Did you know there’s any easy way to integration Journal Entries into GP from Excel?


See 60 second video showing how!

Advanced Allocations 6.0 for Dynamics GP2013 is Here!

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Advanced Allocations 6.0 is a major release for Dynamics’ best and most-widely-used allocation engine!

New features and functionality include:

• Allocated account balances (versus period amounts)
• Base allocations on any GP budget
• Base allocations on values in Microsoft Excel
• Allocate any percentage of source amounts using Allocation Factors
• Allocation details for a specific vendor or employee
• Supports variable target and base accounts, streamlining allocation setup and maintenance
• Support for Binary Stream Multi Entity Management
• Optional sequential processing mode to better support processing of multiple allocations with millions of source/base accounts
• User-definable allocation timeout setting
• Temporary/trial registration key availability

Call 866.794.1275 Ext. 101 for more information.

Click here for more info.

Microsoft Announces “Easy Start” 40% discount on GP2013 for new customers!


New customers can obtain a 40% discount on the Microsoft GP 2013 Starter Pack. This means you can get GP 2013 for $3,000 for the first three users–that’s just $1,000 per user! Offer expires June 15, 2013.

Dynamics GP, SL and NAV User Offer

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Existing customers can purchase additional user licenses for up to 20% off of the standard price list. Offer expires March 29, 2013.

GP2013 is here!


GP2013 introduces Web Access, offers less expenses read-only licensing, boasts over 10 foundational improvements, and includes major enhancements to Financials, Distribution, HR/PR, and Field Service areas. Upgrade to GP2013 and also enjoy unlimited Business Portal users and access to PR and HR modules! See the “What’s New” document by clicking here.

Microsoft Dynamics WW Convergence 2012 Attendee Sales Offer



Microsoft Dynamics WW Convergence 2012 Attendee Sales Offer

For a limited time Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAV), and Microsoft Dynamics SL (SL) existing customers who attend Convergence 2012 to be held in Houston, TX March 18-21, 2012, are eligible to receive a 20% discount on additional GP, NAV and SL users and/or modules meeting in aggregate a minimum System Price List value of USD $2,500. The discount may be applied across certain product line, edition or Licensing Model (LMT) transition fees.Please visit the following website to obtain further information about Convergence 2012

Local availability is subject to confirmation by the corresponding Microsoft Business Solution subsidiary. Please check with your Microsoft Business Solution subsidiary for local availability of the offer.