This powerful suite of service tools can help you change your critical data quickly and accurately! The Professional Services Tools Library provides greater flexibility with your solution, ensures data integrity, and increases the productivity and efficiency of your solution.

The entire library of Professional Services Tools offers a full range of data customization and control utilities. From April 4, 2011 until June 24th, 2011, Microsoft Dynamics GP customers will be eligible for a special purchase offer on the Professional Services Tools Library.

25% off when purchasing the entire suite of tools.

10% off when purchasing a three-pack bundle of tools.

Save money by purchasing this library at the low promotional price of $3,750 USD (standard price $5,000) rather than purchasing each tool separately. You can also select any three Tools that are most important to your business needs, and purchase them as a Three-Tool Pack for $1,800 USD (standard price $2,000).

Each of the tools are listed by series, which includes:

Finance Series Tools
Purchase Series Tools
Sales Series Tools
Payroll Series Tools
Inventory Tools
System Tools

Each tool may be purchased individually at the amount shown. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available at no charge to customers enrolled in the Enhancement Plan. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Effective October 1, 2008, the Professional Services Tools Library will no longer be listed on the N.A. Price List. The reason for this update is as follows: Professional Services Tools Library does not follow the traditional Microsoft Dynamics licensing model. The library of tools are created by Microsoft Dynamics Support and the sales are managed by MBS Professional Services. If you wish to order a tool from the Professional Services Tools Library, call Cheryl Irons at 866-794-1275 X301