We are happy to announce the next release of our Advanced Allocations solution for Dynamics GP.

New Features and Functionality

  • Front-End Allocations.  You can now allocate amounts real-time during PM Transaction Entry, POP Receiving, and POP Invoice/Matching.
  • Allocation Classes.  Allocations can now optionally be assigned classes.  This is a time save for organizations that process allocations in groups.
  • New Transaction-Allocation Filters.  Qualify transactions for allocation based on vendor ID, document header reference, or line item reference.
  • Mass Allocation Selection. Easily select many allocations for processing using powerful filters for allocation attributes like Allocation ID, Description, Class, Tier and more.
  • Integrated GP Security.  New security tasks and roles are available for allocation setup, cards, and processing, providing enhanced security.
  • Online Registration.  Obtain your registration keys with the click of a button.
  • And more!

For a product demonstration or more information please call 866.794.1275 Ext 101 or email rdefiori@admiral-west.com.